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Cedar Shingles – No.1 Blue Label

£170.10 Excl. VAT
The Cedar Shingles are 100% clear heartwood, they are 100% vertical grain and they are kiln dried. Typically, one bundle will cover 2.32m2 with a 125mm exposure.
They originate from Western Canada from well managed forests (PEFC). They are durable class 2 as per BS8417 and stability wise have very low shrinkage, warping and twisting.
Generally maintenance free but to increase longevity they can be pressure treated through our ISO9001 high pressure treatment process to user class 3 to provide extra protection against decay and insect attack.


£18.50 Excl. VAT
A high end wood preservative for protection on any cut ends. Provides protection agains inspects, rotting, fungi and blue stain.
  • UV fade resistant.
  • Long lasting preservation meaning long lasting materials.
  • Superb quality water repellent.