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15kg Uncertified Wood Pellets

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Wood pellets are a renewable fuel source that can be cheaper than other fuels, and provide heat for homes and

Wood Pellets

If you’re looking for a renewable fuel source that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective, you could choose to buy wood pellets. As a fuel wood pellets are made from timber waste products, are cost effective, and great at providing heat.

Buy Wood Pellets

Some of the advantages of wood pellets as a renewable fuel source:

– Wood pellets are made from timber waste products, meaning that new trees don’t need to be cut down in order to produce them.

– They are easy to store and use, and provide a great amount of heat for homes and other buildings.

Wood pellets fuel can often be cheaper than other fuels such as coal.

– They are a renewable fuel source, so you can feel good about using them without harming the environment.

– They have a low environmental impact overall since they are produced through an industrial process.

Wood pellets are cost effective, making them a great choice for those on a budget.

– They don’t create as much mess as other solid fuel products you can buy, such a coal.

Wood Pellet Bedding

Wood pellets can also be used in wood pellet bedding. Wood pellet horse bedding, for example, is a popular equine bedding material. The pellets are made from wood shavings that are compressed into small, dry cylinders. Wood pellet bedding is renowned for its absorbency, which helps to keep stalls clean and dry. It is also low dust and highly absorbent, making it a good option for horses with respiratory problems. In addition, wood pellet bedding is easy to store and handle, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor stalls.

Dust Extracted Wood Shavings For Bedding

Brookridge Store supplies high quality softwood shavings with the dust extracted, making them ideal for wood pellets horse bedding or similar.