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Explore the Superior Craftsmanship of Brookridge Store’s Timber Field Gates

timber field entrance gates

In the picturesque landscapes of Somerset and Devon, where the countryside meets quaint villages, the appeal of traditional timber field gates reigns supreme. These iconic gateways not only serve as functional barriers but also as charming accents that enhance the allure of rural properties. At Brookridge Store, a trusted timber trader in the South West, we take pride in offering a diverse range of timber field entrance gates that combine durability, versatility, and timeless style.

Qualities of a Good Timber Field Entrance Gate


The unpredictable weather patterns of the South West demand gates that can withstand the elements. Our timber field gates are crafted from kiln-dried softwood and undergo a rigorous high-pressure treatment process, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to decay and insect damage.

Each gate is meticulously inspected to meet our stringent quality standards, guaranteeing longevity and reliability for years to come.

timber field entrance gates


A well-designed field gate should offer versatility to cater to various property requirements. Our range of timber field gates is available in an array of sizes, from compact entrances to expansive fields, providing flexibility for every application.

Whether you’re securing livestock enclosures, delineating property boundaries, or enhancing the entrance to your estate, our field gates offer the perfect solution for diverse needs.


At Brookridge Store, a leading south west timber supplier, we believe that craftsmanship is the hallmark of exceptional timber products. Our skilled artisans combine traditional techniques with modern precision to create field gates that exude quality and attention to detail.

From the smooth finish of the timber to the precision-cut joints, every aspect of our gates reflects the dedication and expertise of our craftsmen.

Key Features and Benefits of Brookridge Store’s Timber Field Gates


Our quality wooden field gates are treated with high pressure to penetrate deep into the timber, providing long-lasting protection against rot, decay, and insect infestation.

Property owners can rest assured that their investment in our field gates will yield years of reliable service, with minimal maintenance required.

Versatile Sizing

Whether you have a small garden entrance or a sprawling rural estate, our range of timber field gates is available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Customisation options are also available to accommodate unique gate dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for every property.


Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond their practical function, our timber field gates add rustic charm and visual interest to any landscape.

The natural beauty of the timber enhances the character of the surroundings, creating a welcoming entrance that complements the scenic backdrop of the countryside.

Complete Solution

In addition to our field gates, Brookridge Store offers a comprehensive range of accessories, including gate posts and ironmongery, to facilitate seamless installation.

Our knowledgeable team is available to provide expert advice and assistance at every stage of the gate selection and installation process.

Timber Field Gates From Brookridge Store

As spring approaches and the countryside awakens with vibrant blooms and verdant landscapes, now is the perfect time to enhance your property with the timeless charm of timber field gates from Brookridge Store. With their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, our field gates offer a captivating blend of form and function, transforming entrances into inviting focal points that reflect the rustic elegance of rural living. Experience the difference with Brookridge Store and elevate your property to new heights of beauty and sophistication.

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