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Guide to Sheet Materials by Brookridge Store, Your South West Timber Trader


Sheet timber is an incredibly versatile material used in various projects, from furniture manufacturing to high-quality construction. As a prominent timber sheet materials supplier in the South West, Brookridge Store offers an extensive range of timber sheet materials, each with unique characteristics and uses. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the sheet materials available at Brookridge Store:

1. Veneered MDF Boards

  • American Black Walnut 2 Sides & Ash 2 Sides: These are commercial grade A/B veneered MDF boards, ideal for furniture manufacturing, shop fitting, wall panelling, and DIY projects.


2. Plywood

  • BB/BB Birch Plywood: Made exclusively from birch veneers of consistent thickness, this plywood is known for its strength and uniformity.
  • BB/CC Far Eastern Hardwood Plywood: Features hardwood veneers throughout, making it sturdy and durable for various applications.
  • Chinese B/BB Hardwood Plywood: A versatile option for both structural and non-structural purposes, known for its affordability.
  • Class 3 Bond QMark (B/BB) Hardwood Plywood & Q – Mark Hardwood Plywood: Strong structural plywood boards, ideal for demanding construction needs.
  • Marine Plywood: Specially designed for marine craft projects and high-quality construction, this hardwood plywood is known for its durability in moist environments.

3. Hardboard

  • Standard Hardboard (2440mm x 1220mm x 3mm): A light, versatile board perfect for temporary fixtures or furniture backing.

4. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

  • Standard MDF & Moisture Resistant MDF: Extremely versatile, used in furniture making, kitchen design, interior cladding, and packaging. The moisture-resistant variant is especially suitable for use in damp environments.

5. OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

  • Standard OSB & SmartPly Site Protect: These engineered wood products are known for their strength and durability, ideal for construction applications. SmartPly Site Protect is 18mm thick, primed for finishing in corporate colors, and commonly used for temporary site hoardings or security perimeter fences.


6. Softwood Plywood

  • Softwood Plywood EXT: Known for its strength and durability, it’s often used in exterior settings.

7. Other Specialty Boards

  • T&G Chipboard Flooring P5: Moisture resistant and structural grade, perfect for flooring applications.
  • Veneered MDF – Crown Cut White Oak 2 Sides: Offers a beautiful finish with the durability and versatility of MDF.

As a leading south west timber supplier, Brookridge Store is committed to providing high-quality sheet materials suitable for a myriad of applications. Whether you’re in Somerset or the broader South West area, you can count on Brookridge Store for all your sheet timber needs.

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