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Crafting Excellence: The Artistry of Timber Mouldings and Planed Joinery Timber


In the realm of woodworking, where precision and aesthetics converge, the choice of timber can make all the difference. Whether you’re an architect designing a grand entrance or a homeowner looking to add a touch of elegance to your interiors, timber mouldings and planed joinery timber play a pivotal role in crafting excellence. Join us on a journey into the world of timber craftsmanship and discover why Brookridge Store, your local South West timber supplier, is the choice of discerning builders, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts.

The Beauty of Timber Mouldings

Timber mouldings are the unsung heroes of architectural and interior design. They’re the finishing touches that elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. At Brookridge Store, our mouldings are more than just pieces of wood; they are the result of meticulous craftsmanship.

Our mouldings are crafted from slow-grown, kiln-dried Fifth Scandinavian Redwood sourced from sustainable forests with FSC or PEFC Certification. This ensures not only their quality but also their eco-friendliness. The variety of profiles available in our stock allows for boundless creative expression. Whether you’re looking for intricate detailing or elegant simplicity, our timber mouldings can transform any space.


Planed Joinery Timber for Precision

In the world of woodworking, precision is paramount. Planed joinery timber is the cornerstone of many projects, from crafting doors and staircases to creating flawless skirting boards. At Brookridge Store, we understand that achieving perfection requires the finest materials.

Our planed joinery timber is synonymous with quality. Sourced from slow-grown Scandinavian Redwood, each piece undergoes a meticulous kiln-drying process. This ensures that our timber is not only strong but also dimensionally stable, crucial for precision work. With Brookridge Store’s planed joinery timber, you can achieve the polished results that your craftsmanship deserves.

Brookridge Store’s Commitment to Quality

At Brookridge Store, we are committed to providing the highest quality timber products. Our choice of Fifth Scandinavian Redwood sets our timber apart, ensuring it is strong, durable, and eco-friendly. We take pride in the sustainability of our timber, and our FSC and PEFC Certifications attest to this commitment.

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Timber Supplies for the South West

Having a reliable local timber supplier is invaluable, especially in the South West. Brookridge Store understands the importance of accessibility and convenience for our customers. Our extensive range of timber products, suitable for both commercial and domestic projects, is readily available through our online timber store. We believe in making the finest timber accessible to all.

A Diverse Timber Selection

At Brookridge Store, our timber selection knows no bounds. From agricultural timbers like gateposts and cladding rails to versatile timber decking, we cater to a wide range of needs. Our railway sleepers, available in both new and reclaimed oak, add character to gardens and landscaping. Timber fencing products, including overlap fence panels and gates, ensure security without compromising aesthetics. And for those looking to add flair to their spaces, our manufactured timber products, such as trellis and pergola kits, offer endless possibilities. We are not just timber suppliers; we are trusted Somerset timber traders, serving professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Timber Products Delivered with Care

When you choose Brookridge Store as your south west timber supplier, you’re choosing quality from start to finish. With locations in Dunball, Hemyock, and Taunton, we ensure that our timber products are delivered straight to your project site or doorstep with the utmost care. Our commitment to quality extends to our product delivery.

Timber is more than just a building material; it’s a canvas for craftsmanship. Whether you’re crafting a masterpiece or adding the final touches to a project, Brookridge Store, your South West timber supplier, provides the materials and expertise you need. Choose excellence; choose Brookridge Store.

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