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Enhancing Agricultural Buildings with Premium Timber Purlins and Waney Edge Cladding from Brookridge Store

Agricultural timber purlins

In the realm of agricultural construction, durability and functionality are paramount. Timber purlins and pressure treated waney edge cladding are two essential components that contribute to the strength and aesthetic appeal of agricultural buildings. As a trusted South West timber supplier, Brookridge Store understands the significance of these agricultural timbers and takes pride in offering a range that stands as a testament to quality and expertise. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the uses and benefits of timber purlins and waney edge cladding, and why the offerings from Brookridge Store are a cut above the rest.

Timber Purlins – Sturdy Support for Agricultural Buildings

Purlins are horizontal structural members that provide crucial support to the roof of an agricultural building. These components play a pivotal role in maintaining the stability and structural integrity of the roof system. At Brookridge Store, our range of agricultural timber purlins is available in various cross sections and imperial lengths, ensuring versatility and compatibility with a wide array of agricultural building projects.

Agricultural timber purlins

What Sets Brookridge Store’s Purlins Apart?

Our agricultural purlins undergo a meticulous treatment process that sets them apart. Each individual purlin is high-pressure treated to user class 3, right within our ISO9001 audited treatment plant. This treatment imparts a strong resistance to decay and insect attacks, ensuring that your agricultural building remains sturdy and long-lasting even in challenging environmental conditions.

Waney Edge Cladding – Traditional Charm and Practicality

Waney edge timber cladding is a timeless and traditional method of adorning buildings with rustic charm. Derived from UK Larch, each board is sliced straight from a log, with one edge retaining the natural bark, also known as the waney edge. This type of cladding offers a distinct visual appeal while maintaining its practicality.

waney edge timber cladding

Why Choose Waney Edge Cladding?

Waney edge cladding not only exudes a sense of authenticity but also provides an effective shield against the elements. The overlapping installation method—where boards overlap by 40mm to 50mm—creates a protective barrier that safeguards the building’s interior from moisture, wind, and weather-related damage.

The Brookridge Store Advantage

At Brookridge Store, we recognise the importance of offering agricultural timbers that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our timber purlins and waney edge cladding exemplify our commitment to excellence. Whether you’re constructing a barn, shed, or other agricultural structure, our purlins provide the reliable support needed, while our waney edge cladding infuses a touch of tradition and practicality.

Agricultural Timbers From Brookridge Store

Timber purlins and waney edge cladding are more than mere components; they are the backbone of agricultural buildings. With a legacy of quality and craftsmanship, Brookridge Store stands as a leading South West timber supplier offering superior agricultural timbers. Our pressure-treated purlins provide robust support, while our waney edge cladding brings a blend of rustic charm and functionality. When you choose agricultural timbers from Brookridge Store, you’re choosing the foundation of enduring structures that stand the test of time.

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