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Finding Timber Fencing Parts All in One Place

log edging

When it comes to timber fencing, having access to all the necessary components in one place can save you time, effort, and ensure a cohesive and high-quality result. At Brookridge Timber, a leading Somerset timber supplier, we understand the importance of convenience and offer a wide range of timber fencing parts for both home and agricultural fencing projects. In this blog post, we will outline the various timber fencing parts available, their features and benefits, and highlight why it is crucial to have a reliable South West timber fencing supplier like Brookridge Store.

Timber Fence Capping

Timber fence capping serves as a protective and decorative element for the top of your fencing panels. It helps to prevent moisture ingress and adds a finished look to your fence. Our timber fence capping is made from quality timber, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal while providing additional protection to prolong the lifespan of your fencing.

Featheredge Boards for Timber Fencing

Featheredge boards are a popular choice for constructing robust and secure timber fences. They are tapered boards that overlap each other, creating a solid and visually appealing barrier. Our featheredge boards are made from high-quality timber, ensuring strength and longevity. They are pressure-treated for added protection against rot and insect damage, making them suitable for a variety of fencing projects.

feather edge board

Heavy-Duty Overlap Fence Panels

Heavy-duty timber overlap fence panels provide privacy, security, and create a boundary for your outdoor space. Our panels are constructed using sturdy timber boards overlapped and framed with robust timber battens. These panels are pressure-treated for durability and resistance to weather conditions. They offer both functionality and aesthetics, enhancing the appearance of your property.

Log Edging for Garden Fencing

Log edging is a versatile option for garden fencing, adding a natural and rustic touch to your outdoor space. It can be used to define boundaries, create raised beds, or add decorative accents. Our timber log edging is made from sustainably sourced timber and offers a simple yet effective way to enhance the charm of your garden while providing a sturdy and long-lasting fencing solution.

Log Rolls

Log rolls are flexible timber panels that are perfect for creating decorative borders, edging, or planters in your garden. Our log rolls are easy to install and offer a natural and attractive way to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor areas. They are made from durable timber that withstands the elements, ensuring longevity and beauty for your fencing projects.

log rolls

Timber Fencing Posts

Fencing posts are essential for providing stability and support to your timber fencing panels. At Brookridge Timber, we offer timber fencing posts that are pressure-treated for durability and resistance to decay. Our posts are available in various sizes to suit different fence heights and are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, ensuring your fence remains sturdy and secure.

Timber Fencing Rails

Fencing rails are horizontal supports that connect the fencing posts and provide structural integrity to your fence panels. Our timber fencing rails are carefully crafted and treated to resist moisture, rot, and insect damage. They are available in different lengths and sizes to accommodate various fencing projects, offering stability and longevity.

Round Top Timber Picket Pales

Round top timber picket pales add a classic and decorative element to your fencing design. They are commonly used for picket fencing, creating an attractive and traditional boundary for your property. Our round top timber picket pales are made from quality timber, ensuring durability and a timeless appearance.

Why Choose Brookridge Store for Your Timber Fencing Needs

  1. Extensive Range of Products: At Brookridge Timber, we provide a comprehensive selection of timber fencing parts, catering to various fencing projects and design preferences. Whether you’re a homeowner or in the agricultural sector, we have the components you need to create the perfect fence.
  2. Quality Materials: We source our timber from trusted suppliers, ensuring that our fencing parts are made from high-quality and durable materials. This ensures the longevity and performance of your fence, even in demanding outdoor conditions.
  3. Local South West Supplier: As a local Somerset timber supplier, we understand the specific needs and requirements of our customers in the South West. We are conveniently located, providing quick and efficient access to timber fencing parts for customers in Somerset and Devon.
  4. Expert Advice and Support: Our knowledgeable team is available to provide expert advice and guidance on choosing the right timber fencing parts for your project. We are here to support you every step of the way, from product selection to installation tips.

South West Timber Fencing Supplier

When it comes to timber fencing, having all the necessary components readily available from a reliable supplier is essential for a successful project. Brookridge Timber, your trusted Somerset timber supplier, offers a wide range of timber fencing parts, including fence capping, featheredge boards, fence panels, posts, rails, and more. Our high-quality products and local accessibility make us the ideal choice for all your timber fencing needs. Choose Brookridge Store for convenience, quality, and exceptional service.

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