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Timber Fence Panels: Timeless Appeal and Practicality for UK Garden Fences

timber closeboard fence panels

In the UK, there are several popular types of garden fences that are commonly used to enclose outdoor spaces, provide privacy, and enhance the aesthetics of a garden. Here are some of the most popular garden fences in the UK:

  1. Lap Panel Fencing: Lap panel fencing is one of the most common types of garden fences in the UK. It consists of overlapping horizontal wooden panels that are secured to vertical wooden posts. Lap panel fences are cost-effective, easy to install, and provide privacy and security to your garden.
  2. Closeboard Fencing: Timber closeboard fencing, also known as featheredge fencing, is a durable and robust option for garden boundaries. It is constructed by attaching vertical wooden boards to horizontal rails, creating a solid and secure fence. Closeboard fencing is popular for its strength and ability to withstand strong winds, making it ideal for exposed areas.
  3. Picket Fencing: Timber picket fences are a classic choice for creating a charming and decorative garden boundary. They are typically made of wooden pickets attached to horizontal rails, with a traditional pointed or rounded top design. Picket fences are popular for their aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of character to gardens while still providing some level of containment.
  4. Trellis Fencing: Trellis fencing is a versatile option that combines fencing with an open lattice pattern. It can be used as a standalone fence or as an extension on top of existing fencing. Trellis panels are perfect for supporting climbing plants, creating a green and attractive backdrop in your garden while maintaining some privacy.
  5. Post and Rail Fencing: Post and rail fencing offers a more rustic and rural aesthetic. It consists of horizontal rails attached to vertical wooden posts, providing a simple yet effective boundary for larger areas. Post and rail fencing is commonly used in agricultural settings, rural properties, and large gardens.
  6. Metal Fencing: While wooden fences are popular, metal fencing options such as wrought iron or steel fences are also widely used in the UK. Metal fences offer durability, security, and a sleek, contemporary appearance. They are available in various styles, from ornamental designs to simple and minimalist options.

timber closeboard fence panels

The popularity of garden fences however may vary depending on the region, personal preferences, and the specific requirements of each garden. Additionally, different fence styles can be combined to create unique and customized fencing solutions for different parts of the garden.

A Quick Guide To Building A Garden Fence Using Timber Fence Panels

Building a garden fence using timber heavy-duty closeboard fence panels and heavy-duty overlap fence panels can provide you with a sturdy and attractive boundary for your outdoor space. Here’s a quick guide on how to construct a fence using these materials, including the use of slotted concrete posts and concrete gravel boards:

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Planning and Preparation:
  • Determine the desired location and length of your fence. Mark the positions for the fence posts using stakes or spray paint.
  • Check with local authorities or homeowner associations for any regulations or permits required for installing a fence.
  1. Installing the Fence Posts:
  • Start by installing the slotted concrete posts at regular intervals along the fence line. These posts have slots designed to hold the fence panels securely.
  • Dig a hole for each post using a post hole digger or an auger. The depth of the hole should be approximately one-third of the total length of the post.
  • Place the post into the hole and use a spirit level to ensure it is perfectly vertical. Backfill the hole with postcrete or concrete mix, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow it to set.
  1. Attaching Concrete Gravel Boards:
  • Concrete gravel boards are placed at the base of the fence panels to protect them from ground moisture and rot.
  • Measure the length of each panel and cut the concrete gravel boards to fit. They should be slightly shorter than the fence panels to allow for drainage.
  • Attach the gravel boards to the slotted concrete posts using nails or screws, ensuring they are level and securely in place.

    concrete gravel boards

  1. Installing the Fence Panels:
  • Start with the heavy-duty closeboard fence panels. Place the first panel against the first two posts, ensuring it is level and plumb. Use temporary supports or clamps to hold it in place.
  • Attach the panel to the posts using nails or screws. Repeat this process for each closeboard panel, ensuring they are tightly connected.
  • Once the timber closeboard fence panels are in place, move on to the heavy-duty overlap fence panels. Position the first panel against the next two posts, aligning it with the closeboard panel. Secure it in place using nails or screws.
  • Continue attaching the overlap panels, overlapping each panel slightly to ensure privacy and stability. Trim the final panel to fit if necessary.
  1. Finishing Touches:
  • Double-check the alignment and levelness of the entire fence. Make any adjustments as needed.
  • Trim off any excess length from the fence posts if necessary.
  • Add any desired finishing touches, such as decorative caps for the fence posts or paint/stain to protect and enhance the appearance of the timber.

Remember, it’s important to follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of the fence panels and other materials you’re using. Additionally, ensure that you wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and safety glasses, while working with tools and materials.

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Building garden fences using timber fence panels is a fantastic way to enhance the privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. By choosing high-quality materials and following the proper installation techniques, you can create a durable and long-lasting fence that will withstand the test of time. As a leading South West timber supplier, Brookridge Store is your go-to destination for all your fencing needs. With a wide range of timber fence panels, slotted concrete posts, and concrete gravel boards in stock, you can find everything you need to bring your fence project to life. Trust in the expertise and quality of Brookridge Store to provide you with the finest timber fencing materials that will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Start building your dream garden fence today and enjoy the benefits it brings for years to come.

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