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Enhancing Your Garden with Timber Decorative Features

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With spring and drier, milder weather not far away decorating the exterior of your home is likely to become as important as decorating the interior. As a Somerset timber supplier we know what an important part some timber features can play in creating great garden designs. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a tired-looking garden or create something entirely new, timber decorative garden features can provide the perfect solution. Let’s explore five of the most popular timber decorative features and how they can help you create your dream garden.

Timber Log Rolls For The Garden

Garden log rolls are an ideal way to introduce natural elements into your garden landscape. A timber log roll can be used for edging flower beds and vegetable patches, creating a neat and tidy look that is also attractive. Log rolls are also great for creating pathways around your garden, helping to link different sections together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Log roll edging also helps keep weeds at bay and mulch contained within borders, making them great for keeping gardens looking neat and tidy without much effort from you.

log rolls

Log Edging

Log edging adds an extra layer of detail to any border or pathway in your garden. It provides a neat line between different sections, while still allowing a natural flow between them. The addition of garden log edging helps create structure and definition, which is key when designing a balanced garden layout. Log edging is also great for adding height to lower flowerbeds or pathways and it can be used in combination with log roll edging for further effect.

Sleepers, New or Reclaimed

Using wooden railway sleepers (wooden beams) in your garden can give it an industrial look that truly stands out from the crowd. Reclaimed sleepers work well both on their own as part of a feature wall or fence paneling, or they can be combined with other materials such as brick, stone or metal to create something unique and eye-catching that perfectly matches the style of your home’s exterior décor scheme. They can be used to create raised beds for planting, to build retaining walls for terraced gardens, or to create steps leading up to a deck or patio. You could opt for new sleepers if you’d like a more modern aesthetic or reclaimed sleepers if you’re seeking a rustic feel – either way they will add character to your outdoor space!

reclaimed sleepers

Palisade Fence Made From Picket Pales

Palisade fencing made from picket pales is another decorative option that looks great in any size garden. It provides an effective boundary without blocking out light due to its open design – perfect if you have limited space but still want some privacy from neighbours! A palisade fence made from picket pales can also be used to help organise the look of your garden by dividing it into different sections while retaining its feeling of space. Palisade fencing looks really attractive when painted too; choose contrasting colours for maximum impact!

Timber Decking

Timber decking is perfect if you’re looking to add some outdoor living space without compromising on style! Timber decking looks great by itself but it can also be used in combination with other materials such as brick paving or slate tiles for added effect – there really are endless possibilities here! Plus, wooden decking requires minimal maintenance so once it’s installed it won’t take up too much of your time keeping it looking its best!

Timber – A Natural Garden Building Material

There are so many ways that timber decorative features can enhance any outdoor space – whatever size or shape it may be! From log rolls and log edging to palisade fences made from picket pales and timber decking – there’s something here for everyone who wants to spruce up their garden this summer season! So why not start exploring all the exciting options available today? You’ll be amazed at how much difference even the smallest changes make!

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