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Why Concrete Gravel Boards and Posts Are Crucial for a Sturdy Wooden Panel Fence

concrete gravel boards

If you are looking to build a wooden panel fence using timber fence panels in your garden or backyard, there are several considerations to make. One of the most important is the type of material that will form the base of your fence. While timber fence panels may be the star of the show, concrete gravel boards and concrete fence posts are essential for providing a solid foundation. Let’s take a look at why these materials are so important in creating a secure and sturdy fence.

Durability – Build A Long-Lasting Fence Structure

Concrete gravel boards and concrete fence posts provide additional durability over traditional wooden materials. Wood can be prone to rotting or warping (if it isn’t treated) due to moisture, whereas concrete remains resistant even when exposed to water or extreme temperatures. This means that your fence will remain stable over time with minimal maintenance required. Additionally, if you choose to go with a concrete post and gravel board setup, it can easily last up to 25 years without replacement (or more).

concrete gravel boards

Security Of Your Garden Wooden Panel Fence

The use of concrete fence posts also enhances security by making it more difficult for intruders to climb or force their way over your fence. Concrete posts for timber panel fences are heavy and difficult to move, so they provide an extra layer of protection against unwanted guests entering your property uninvited. In addition, some homeowners may opt for metal fencing on top of their concrete posts for added security and peace of mind. However, timber overlap and closeboard fence panels that are manufactured from high pressure treated timber fence components mean that they not only look good, but they have extra protection against rot and insect attack, and make a very sturdy timber fence.


Concrete gravel boards and concrete fence posts offer an economical solution compared to other types of fencing materials such as metal panels. They can provide substantial savings due to their minimal maintenance requirements and long-lasting durability meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon! Additionally, they require little effort during installation since whoever is constructing the fence only needs some basic digging tools and a way to mix cement to set them firmly in the ground – no fancy power tools needed!

concrete fence posts

Concrete Gravel Boards and Concrete Posts -The Foundation Of A Sturdy Timber Panel Fence

The importance of using concrete gravel boards and concrete fence posts when building a wooden panel fence cannot be understated. Not only do they provide enhanced security against intruders, but they also offer cost-effectiveness due to their low maintenance needs and long lifespan compared with other types of fencing materials. With some basic digging tools and cement mixing, many people are able to install this type of fencing system in their backyard quickly with a little effort. For potential buyers looking for strong yet affordable fencing solutions, investing in concrete gravel boards and posts is worth considering.

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