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Why Railway Sleepers Are So Popular For Gardening And Landscaping

new railway sleepers for gardens

Railway sleepers are one of the most popular choices for gardening and landscaping. They offer a variety of benefits that make them an attractive choice for many homeowners and for professionals involved in gardening and landscaping projects. But why are oak sleepers and new or reclaimed sleepers still so popular for a wide range of projects? Let’s take a closer look.

Railway Sleepers For Gardening and Landscaping Somerset

We are a leading Somerset supplier of timber decking and railway sleepers and are often asked about their properties and how they can best be used in garden settings. Railway sleepers are large, flat pieces of wood that were originally used to create railway tracks. Over time, they have become increasingly popular for use in gardens and landscaping due to their many benefits. They are typically made from hardwood, which makes them durable and long-lasting. They are thick and very strong but are also easy to work with and can be cut into any size or shape that you need. Garden sleepers also have flat surfaces which means they can be used for creating raised beds, edging borders, or even building steps or retaining walls, use with timber decking, creating different garden features, and much more. Railway sleepers for gardens also add a natural appeal to your garden or outdoor space.

new railway sleeper

The Benefits of Railway Sleepers

There are many reasons why railway sleepers are such a popular choice for gardening and landscaping. For example:

  • They are extremely versatile and very strong .
  • Another benefit of railway sleepers is that they are very affordable. They are often much cheaper than other materials such as stone or concrete, making them a great option if you’re on a budget.
  • Garden railway sleepers are also easy to obtain, transport, stack, and work with in the garden.

Somerset Supplier Of Railway Sleepers For Garden And Landscaping

Reclaimed Oak Sleepers Somerset

We are a Somerset wooden railway sleeper supplier offering a range of options including:

New railway sleepers, sourced from our links with the UK and European sawmilling markets, and in a range of popular sizes and lengths, treated using a copper based preservative treatment.

European Oak sleepers, 100mm x 200mm x 2.4m, from sustainable sources, PEFC certified and with two good faces.

Reclaimed sleepers, 150mm x 250mm x 2.6m size. Reclaimed sleepers look so good in gardens because of their rustic and interesting appearance. Reclaimed sleepers also have the sustainability benefit of not needing to cut down any new trees to create them, thereby preserving natural resources and reducing carbon footprints.

Railway Sleepers – A Versatile Choice For Gardens and Landscaping

Railway sleepers offer a variety of benefits that make them an attractive choice for many homeowners. They are versatile, affordable, and easy to obtain, which makes them a great option for anyone looking to improve their garden or outdoor space. If you’re thinking about using railway sleepers in your next project, be sure to keep the above information in mind!

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