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The Advantages of Buying Timber From An Experienced Trader

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If you’re in the market for timber, you may be wondering whether it’s better to buy from a store or an experienced timber trader. Here are a few advantages of going with an experienced Somerset timber trader that you may not have considered.

High Quality Timber At Superb Service

When you buy from a big retail store, you have no way of knowing how long the timber supplies have been sitting in their warehouse. It could be fresh off the truck or it could have been sitting there for months, slowly drying out and becoming less structurally sound. When you buy from a timber trader, on the other hand, you can be sure that the wood is fresh and of the highest quality.

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Huge Choice Of Timber Products

As a leading, established Somerset timber trader, we pride ourselves on offering a great choice of products to our customers including:

  • Agricultural timbers, such as gateposts, cladding rails, creosoted stakes and strainers, rails, treated waney edge, purlins and stockwall.
  • Bedding and fuels. These include wood pellets, kindling, log nets, and shavings.
  • Timber decking – timber deck boards, decking posts, rails and stair tread.
  • Railway sleepers for gardens and landscaping, new and reclaimed oak sleepers.
  • Timber fencing products – including overlap and closeboard fence panels and gates, featheredge, capping, cladding, log edging, fence posts and rails.
  • Manufactured timber products e.g., scaffold boards, trellis, timber picnic benches, log stores, pergola kits and wooden field entrance gates.
  • Timber sheet materials / boards – plywood, hardboard, mdf, veneered mdf, SmartPly, chipboard, and osb.
  • A large range of timber including mouldings, and planed joinery and Treated Timber CLS & 38mm thickness (various widths), and Treated Timber Nominal 25mm thickness (various widths).

Personalised Service

Another advantage of buying from a leading south west timber trader is that you can expect personalised service from a knowledgeable company. When you walk into DIY store, for example, the employees are likely to be spread thin and unable to give you the one-on-one attention that you deserve. A timber trader, on the other hand, will take the time to get to know you and your project so that they can help you choose the best timber supplies and timber products for the job.


Really Competitive Prices

Contrary to what you might think, buying from a timber trader doesn’t have to cost more than buying from other types of suppliers and retailers. In fact, because timber traders deal directly with sawmills (our own sawmill!) and other suppliers, they can often offer better prices than big box stores. And because they’re not trying to sell mass-produced timber, they’re more likely to carry unusual or hard-to-find timbers that can add character to your project.

Choose Brookridge Store As Your Timber Supplier

If you’re planning a timber project, consider buying from an experienced timber trader. You’ll benefit from quality control, personalised service, and competitive pricing.

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