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Timber Cladding Boards and Cladding Rails – What To Look For

cladding rails

There are many different types of timber cladding boards, gravel boards, and timber cladding rails on the market today. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for your project. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between agricultural timber cladding boards and cladding rails, and we will give you some tips on what to look for when making your decision.

Timber Cladding Rails

As a timber supplier in Somerset, we know that ideal timber cladding rails are U.K. produced in order to ensure quality standards, and to reduce the environmental impact (fewer miles travelled). Our timber cladding rails are available in useful imperial lengths of 15′ and 16′ to fit a variety of agricultural buildings. They are also high pressure treated through an ISO9001 audited high pressure treatment process, providing superb protection against decay and insect attack.

cladding rails

Agricultural Timber Cladding Boards / Gravel Boards

Finding the right agricultural timber cladding boards / timber gravel boards Somerset is vital for ensuring a quality outcome when cladding agricultural buildings or building strong and durable agricultural timber fences. The cladding on agricultural buildings is important because, for example, it helps to protect the building from the weather and the elements. It also makes the building last longer, and provides greater warmth and protection for the people or animals inside. Additionally, cladding can also strengthen agricultural buildings and structures, making them more resilient to bad weather or other outside forces. Cladding boards of this kind also make durable and string timber fences for the same reasons.

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Timber Gravel Boards

A timber gravel board is a piece of wood that is used to keep the ground from eroding away beneath a fence or wall. It is usually placed at the bottom of the fence or wall, and the fence or wall is then placed on top of it. Good timber gravel boards are an essential part of any timber cladding installation. Not only do they provide a level and stable surface for attaching the cladding, but they also protect the underlying substrate from weathering and decay

Good timber cladding boards Somerset / timber gravel boards Somerset are typically made from a hardwood, such as oak, and are around 22mm thick. Our timber gravel boards are produced in the U.K. and treated through an audited ISO9001 high pressure treatment process to user class 3 for protection against decay and insect attack. This makes them ideal for use as outdoors on fences or buildings because they are durable and long lasting. High pressure treatment is a process that is used to improve the durability and resistance of timber against decay and insects. The timber is subjected to high pressure in a sealed chamber, which forces water and preservatives deep into the wood. This treatment can increase the life of the timber by up to 30 years.

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